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- Woo Jong Kim
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New technology and the best products

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DAEGUN TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. accomplishes high level of reliability needed
quipment of lay out, production, equipment assembling, and test and evaluation
for Control Box and Wire Harness in semiconductor production relating equipment,
Chip Mounter, and machine tools and all kinds of test equipment,
production inspect equipment, and Wire Harness in Defense Industry.
Moreover, we construct the best production facilities for dealing with the rapidly changing
circumstances and improve production quality by continuous training and support
for members of DAEGUN.
Also, ongoing investment to technology and research and development,
we will become a leading company in the world by developing new technology and the best products.

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New Products

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FLCC/EHPD Breakout Box

Rotor Defroster Terrestrial Function Test Load Equipment

OTC System rack

Cable RF Delay Line

Defense Industry Special Cable, HF SOV Lamp Test Box Cable

Defense Industry Special Cable

Tester, Potable-Aircraft Relays

Breakout box assembly. PDU-assembly break check

Break out Box